Domestic Violence: Making a Safety Plan

In the UK, at least two women are killed each week by an abusive partner. Most recent data reports show that about 2 out of 5 female-victim homicides in the U.S. are related to domestic violence inflicted by an intimate partner or spouse. The average for male-victim homicides related to intimate partner violence are only slightly lower.

According to National Data on Intimate Partner Violence, the risk of Domestic Violence homicide increases if and when 1) the victim has recently left the abuser 2) a child in the home is not biologically related to the abuser 3) the offender stalks the victim 4) the victim is pregnant or was abused during pregnancy and 5) the abuser is unemployed [].

Regardless of the situation, a person living in a domestic violence situation ought to have a safety plan in place. Be prepared before something happens so that, in the moment, you know exactly what you need to do.

Restored is an organization which seeks to end domestic violence worldwide. Among the various services and resources they provide, they’ve created a sample safety plan:

Link to Restored: “Safety Planning”

There are numerous resources available to help keep you safe. Here, Women’s Aid and Refuge provide Safety Planning instructions and information-including what to pack and where to go for safety as well as other information related to domestic violence in their Survivor’s Handbook:

Link to Domestic Violence Survivors Handbook


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