Domestic Violence: Resources Reaching Around the Globe

I struggled to find a resource which could provide information on domestic violence for each country of the world. There may be one out there…but I didn’t manage to find it.

I realize that I am writing from a very specific worldview in a very specific part of the world. Which means, while abuse is universal, my way of thinking is not. I want to be sure that the information you find here is as universal as the abuse you’ve experienced yet as unique as your situation. That is, I don’t want to limit my scope to just my country or just my language group. I’ve been so humbled by how many people have been searching through the posts of this blog just within the past two days! I am honored, truly. I know it has been a great tool for my own healing and I hope and pray that you find it helpful and encouraging, too. So, whether you are reading this from the screen of your iPad in an airport in California or from the screen of your home laptop in Burma, thank you for reading.

Here is my attempt to treat domestic violence in a universal way: by presenting resources and information for each region of the world. Some places in the world don’t have the same resources or as many resources as other places do. Some resources offer information on sexual abuse and human trafficking, as well. Also, nearly all of these resources are aimed at women survivors; I apologize to the men who may be reading this. You are not alone, I promise; often, a woman’s resource center will have contacts with male-specific support, depending on the area. You may also find helpful contact information – including free helplines and international agencies – via the Contacts page.

Asia and the Pacific Islands:

Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence: click here for information and resources.


Raising Voices is based in Uganda and is dedicated to fighting domestic violence in Africa.

Australia and Tasmania:

Advice and resources from the Domestic Violence Resource Centre in Victoria.

New Zealand:

Women’s Refuge: Raising Domestic Violence Awareness in New Zealand.

Western Europe:

WAVE is dedicated to ending domestic violence against women in Europe.

Eastern Europe:

Stop Violence Against Women offers information and services for survivors of domestic violence in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Middle East:

Safe World provides information for various parts of the world. Find here articles and resources specific to survivors of domestic violence in the Middle East.


Amnesty International, Russian Federation

West Nordic Region:

A news report on domestic violence in the West Nordic Region, specifically Iceland.


The National Hotline presents information and resources for survivors in America.


Information on domestic violence in Canada from the Department of Justice.

Latin America:

Information on domestic violence throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. From the PRB.

8 thoughts on “Domestic Violence: Resources Reaching Around the Globe

  1. What a wonderful piece. We need to unite all over the world to end this horrific situation. I applaud your efforts to divide it by country, as Domestic Violence has no specific region. Even in my small, rural community in the US, we have had a very successful shelter/program for men and women to escape DV, for many many years. They have wonderful resources to help people get back on their feet and back into the world again; with caring, always with caring. Every town and city can use one, there is that much need, so sadly. Thank you for sharing your experience, you and everyone who has experienced DV, are brave, strong, and beautiful. You are my heroes. Hugs to you….

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I want to extend this blog of resources to all my followers and beyond. So much is unknown and uncalculated when it comes to domestic violence. This is because we’re so afraid to tell. When you’re in it, you want it to stop, but you don’t know that simply telling someone or reaching out to one of these resources is the first step to total freedom. At first you’re shocked. Then you start the excuses for the person and maybe you’re a little embarrassed. I know I was. You’re not alone. I understand how you feel. I’ve been there. Take a look at these resources and please, please, please tell someone what is happening to you.

  3. What a wonderful post! Thank you for this helpful information so beautifully compiled with the informative links embedded in all these gorgeous photographs. Even the photos themselves feel like a celebration of world peace. Very inspiring. We can all make a difference and help eliminate violence. Thanks again for sharing!

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