Refugees: the Most Vulnerable Group of Women

“According to the Refugee Council’s Vulnerable Women Project, refugee women are more affected by gendered violence than any other female population in the world. The U.N. regards sexual violence as one of the worst global protection challenges. Its ‘scale, prevalence and profound impact’ leaves all refugee women at risk of rape or other forms of sexual violence” (Mohsen).

The statistics which attempt to show the number of women and children who have suffered rape and sexual violence as refugees, particularly those fleeing war torn countries, are extremely sobering. You will see figures like “90 percent” and “3 out of 4”. These are the women and children of the world with the least amount of protection; so much so that it is impossible to make an accurate calculation of how many have been victimized.

This news story from Yemen is both informative and heartbreaking:

“Refugee Women Vulnerable to Sexual Assault”

2 thoughts on “Refugees: the Most Vulnerable Group of Women

  1. I think very many of those suffering from this abuse are generally Moslem women – and I think the problem there is that Moslem men often have no respect or consideration for women (or animals) whatsoever 😦 I know we’re not supposed to say that though… I also know that sometimes other cultures also carry out this type of regular abuse of their womenfolk but I’m generally personally seeing that it’s mainly Islamic ones unfortunately.

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