Resource Highlight: Safe Horizon

Safe Horizon is centered in New York City and seeks to “move victims from crisis to confidence”. Their various hotlines are open all day, every day.

Here is what I love about Safe Horizon: they offer information and services for virtually any type of abuse. It’s sort of like a “one-stop-shopping” website for resources. If I am using a search engine like Google to look up articles and websites which deal with abuse of any kind, Safe Horizon is almost always the top pick.

You can read about and find help for 1) rape and sexual assault 2) domestic violence and physical abuse 3) child abuse and incest 4) stalking 5) human trafficking 6) at-risk and homeless youth. They also offer support groups within the NYC area for any of these, as well as for family members of homicide victims and non-offending parents of childhood abuse victims. They also have a blog, a newsletter, safety planning help, brochures, and regular events. Lots of great stuff!

November is Homeless Youth Awareness month so they have provided some new resources on that topic. They also have a very unique program in which you can sponsor a child survivor for less than $1 a day.

Link to Safe Horizon’s Homepage

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