Special Needs: Abuse is not One

Council for Exceptional Children (U.S.): Abuse of Children with Disabilities

Caring for a child with a special need can be challenging and time-consuming. It takes a lot of patience. I am so inspired by the parents who happily care for their disabled kids every day and do everything they can to make life feel as “normal” as possible. They work hard to give their kids just as many opportunities for learning, playing, and socializing as any other child. If you’re one of those parents, you have my deepest respect.

Being a child with a special need requires a lot of patience and presents all sorts of different challenges. People automatically view you differently. They don’t always understand that you’re just as human as they are. If you were (or are) one of these kids, you also have my deep admiration.

Children with disabilities have a much higher chance of being abused physically, sexually, and/or verbally. The abuser is typically either a parent/care giver, teacher, or close relative (similar to any child). Adequate statistics, information, and resources for these abused children are lacking considerably. Also, non-Caucasian children are generally far less likely to receive aid.

The world can’t see what those lucky enough to know a child with special needs tend to notice: these kids are intelligent, witty, and beautiful. They deserve protection from abuse just as much as any other child.

NSPCC (England): Disabled Children and Abuse

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