Taking Care of Yourself After Abuse

Women’s Aid Survivor’s Handbook offers informative encouragement to those who have begun to settle into normal life after leaving an abusive relationship. The ending of any relationship requires a grieving period. For those who have just left an abusive relationship, the grieving process can be intimidating. The loss of a relationship compounded by the emotional, mental, and physical strain is a lot to handle.

In the months following my abusive relationship, my counselor was consistently reminding me to “let yourself off the hook”. I’m a perfectionist by nature. I was frustrated that I couldn’t just solve everything and move on. It only made the process more stressful. Slowly (very slowly) I learned to let myself off the hook – stop trying to heal in a day. I was able to stop blaming myself for little things the way my boyfriend had done so consistently. I could enjoy activities I hadn’t enjoyed for a long time, without feeling guilty.

You’re stronger than you think. Nothing happens overnight so be patient with yourself! Women’s Aid has some great ideas for taking care of yourself, particularly your mental health, as you begin the healing process.

Link to Women’s Aid Survivor’s Handbook: “Looking After Yourself and Moving On”



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