Male Survivors Share Their Stories and Stand Together

In 2010, 200 male survivors of childhood molestation shared their stories for a two-day special of the Oprah show. These are extraordinary, heartbreaking stories told by some very brave men. You can read many of those stories in the link below. There is also an interview from Dr. Howard Frandkin; he talks about the unique path each man takes toward healing and suggests ways to take that first step. There is also a special article for partners of male survivors, offering helpful insight into how you can support him as he seeks to cope with the traumatic events of his childhood.

1 in 6 men were sexually abused as children. There are men in your life and mine who carry the heavy burden of an abusive past. You may have known that pain firsthand; you carry the consequences of another person’s actions with you every day. You are brave for doing so and you deserve respect and support as you seek healing.

Offering love and support to these men is a step toward not only seeing their healing, but also working to ensure that the little boys of today do not have to grow up with the same pain.

Link to Oprah’s interviews with male survivors of sexual abuse.

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