Self-Care for Survivors and Supporters

Link to RAINN: Self-Care for Family and Friends of Survivors

Whether you are a survivor of abuse or the family/friend supporter of a survivor, taking care of your own health can be both a challenge and an afterthought.

For me, the biggest challenge was remembering to eat. People would say, “You can’t just forget about eating three meals!”

Oh, but you can.

RAINN offers some valuable insight and advice to help survivors and supporters take care of themselves. For those basic physical needs you may be forgetting, they provide a list. They also address emotional needs which, when properly addressed, result in greater emotional and mental health.

Self-care requires time, commitment and some mental adjustment. It is all part of the healing process. That 20 minute jog won’t produce enough endorphins to fuel you through the next month but be encouraged by whatever progress you’ve been able to achieve. You jogged for 20 minutes? That’s fantastic! You made it to bed before 3:00am? Well done! You remembered to eat three meals today? Keep it up.

Maybe it was just a coffee date with a good friend or a walk through the park with your dog. That’s self-care.

Whether you feel like you’ve been taking baby steps or enormous leaps, you’re pursuing a great thing: physical and emotional health. You’re a survivor.

Link to RAINN: Self-Care for Survivors

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