Global Violence Against Women


As many of you know, this past Sunday, 25 November, was the 13th annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Justin Holcomb, a pastor from Seattle, WA and passionate advocate for victims of abuse, posted his own reflections about November 25. He explores the cause of violence in the world and gives greater detail to six of the most common acts of violence faced by women around the globe (including one especially terrible crime that often goes unmentioned – the genital mutilation of girls).

He does not end on this unpleasant note, however, as you will see if you read his article entitled, “A Hard Look at Violence Against Women”. Like me, Justin has experienced the hope and peace that only Jesus Christ can give. He explains briefly the heartbeat of Jesus’ mission while on earth; that is, to liberate us from sin so that we can experience true freedom in Him.

Jesus interacted with women in a counter-cultural way. That is, where the common view in ancient Israel was that women were totally inferior to men (not even worth being spoken to), Jesus did not believe that; nor did He ever treat women as anything but valuable people. In fact, there were times when Jesus would go out of His way to speak with a woman in order to help her. Similarly, Jesus made time for children, despite the belief of some of His followers that children were a distraction from His teaching. On the contrary, Jesus’ love for people is what prompted Him to tell them about God’s love.

You can read the full article by Justin via the link below. Justin and his wife have also written a book, which I’ve mentioned more than once here, entitled “Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault”.

Link to Justin Holcomb’s “A Hard Look at Violence Against Women” from the Resurgence.

If you’re interested in reading more about this UN designated date, go to the event information page from the UN: or go to the November 25 post on the subject.


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