‘Potential Prostitutes’: a New Internet Tool for Exploitation

Link to Huffington Post article
Link to Huffington Post article

A recently created website called Potential Prostitutes claims to be working hard to expose online prostitutes but it seems, as one reporter pointed out, that they’re more concerned about making money from false accusations than ridding the world of sex workers.

Anyone is free to “report” an “offender” by submitting that woman’s name, phone number, and/or location. She will then be added to the website’s list of sex workers.

In order to remove a name, a fee of $100 must be paid.

There are several reasons this website makes my blood boil and my stomach churn. Aside from casting a horrific stereotype upon any woman in the sex industry, it also creates the illusion that all women who sell sex online are doing so of their own free will. Typically, if you find a woman “for sale” online, she’s being prostituted against her will. Chances are great that she is a minor, too.

Furthermore, what a great tool this could be for those jaded ex-fiancees, violent husbands, or embittered sisters! Now it’s free and easy to label a woman as a prostitute in such a way that the whole world now has her name and contact information. And if she doesn’t know, or lacks the funds to pay the fee, her name will never leave the website. Her reputation and her safety are now seriously threatened, not to mention the health of her other relationships.

Here is evidence of how twisted society’s view of sexual violence has become! Rather than report the real “offenders” -that is, the men and women forcing prostitution upon others- the public now has the ability to further ruin the lives of sexually abused women.


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