Be Fit. Stop Abuse.

How is that New Year’s resolution coming along?

(I have to be honest. I didn’t make one.)

One of the most common resolutions I hear is, “I want to exercise more!”

For any of you who may have sat up in bed on the morning of New Year and said this to yourself, here’s some food for thought.

Working to be fit can be daunting when you’re only just starting a new regimen. My first cross country race was an uphill 6K (which felt like Mt. Everest)…and I had been running for a grand total of two weeks (I do not recommend).

I would have given up after that first 20 minute practice run if it hadn’t been for my dad, my coach, running every step with me. I might have looked up that steep incline at kilometer 0.5 and thought, “I cannot do this” if he and my mum hadn’t been standing on the sidelines, coaxing me onward. There’s nothing quite like hearing that “Dad voice” yelling at you from behind, “Pick your feet up! Pass that girl! Kick it in! You can do this!”

Maybe you’re easily self-motivated. When it comes to starting a new exercise routine, I’m not. I need outside motivation to reach my goals! Call it accountability.

Here’s some motivation: what if you knew that every mile you run is making a difference in the life of an abuse survivor?

Organizations around the globe have dedicated time and effort into creating and joining major running events to raise awareness and funds to end abuse and support survivors. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to contribute, either. Search around and find a strong charity to support and then see what races are available in conjunction with that cause. There are all sorts of national and local running events which are dedicated to abolishing sexual abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking.

Pick a cause, find a friend, and start training for that 5K! You’ll be healthier for it. And so will survivors.

Link to Refuge: Running Events
Link to Refuge: Running Events

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