Resource Highlight: SAVE & the “Don’t Be That Guy” Campaign

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SAVE is a coalition from Edmonton, Alberta that is working to stop sexual violence by targeting the only people who can really stop assault: the potential offenders. They provide contacts within Edmonton for those seeking medical or legal help in the event of an assault. The website also provides access to pamphlets answering questions related to:

Defining Sexual Assault & Consent
     Acquaintance Sexual Assault
     Drug & Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault
     Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

Flashbacks & Triggers
     Rape Trauma Syndrome

Options for Survivors
     Choosing a Counsellor
     Reporting to Police

     Myths & Facts

*The pamphlets linked to this post come from the SAVE website (also linked through the image above) and were provided by the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre and the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton.


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