Traumatic Anniversaries

Link to Hidden Hurt: "Anniversary Reactions to Trauma"
Link to Hidden Hurt: “Anniversary Reactions to Trauma”

Every story of abuse will have traumatic anniversaries. It might be the anniversary of a break-up, an assault, an escape. Each situation is unique and each person’s healing process is unique. Do what you can to avoid things that will bring back painful memories (I discovered the hard way that romantic comedies were not a good idea). You won’t be able to completely shut out memories; psychological distress is sometimes unavoidable. Let people you trust know that you are anxious about the anniversary. Find a friend you can confide in, who will be ready to answer the phone or pick you up for coffee anytime that day in case you need to talk. Schedule an extra session with your therapist that week. Schedule something big for that day so that your mind and energy can be concentrated on something specific that isn’t related to the abuse.

You’re a survivor! Celebrate the fact that you’ve persevered through horrific obstacles for an entire year, two years, ten years.


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