Domestic Violence: Myth Busters

Link to Restored, Ending Violence Against Women: "Myth Busters"
Link to Restored, Ending Violence Against Women: “Myth Busters”

Can you tell the difference between the truth and the lies about Domestic Violence? In the article linked above, Restored addresses each of the following myths and explains why they are false and, thus, detrimental to victims of abuse:

“Myth: Domestic abuse happens to a certain ‘type’ of woman, this type may be based on: socio-economic status; a level of inner strength or confidence; religious or cultural background etc.

Myth: Domestic abuse happens because of some or all of the following:

  • Alcohol or drug misuse
  • Unemployment
  • Mental or physical health problems
  • Stress
  • A lack of submission by the woman
  • Unemployment
  • Historically having lived through abuse as a child

Myth: Women wind men up by behaving in ways which cause the man to become abuse.  Men will tell their partner that she “made” him do it and many victims have been asked, “What did you do to let things get this bad?”

Myth: Women who are in abusive relationships are choosing to stay there and if they are not happy they should just leave.

Myth: When a woman is in an abusive relationship, she has the choice to leave.

Myth: Just because he has abused the mother doesn’t make him a bad father.

Myth: Perpetrators of domestic abuse are struggling with anger management issues.  They are violent because they get angry.

Myth: When someone discloses abuse they are probably being hysterical and overly dramatic in order to gain attention

Myth: If a man who has perpetrated abuse and/or violence against his partner says he is sorry and appears to be sorry for his behaviour his partner should be reconciled to him and accept he has repented.”

Link to RADARreport: "50 Domestic Violence Myths" [for male and female victims]
Link to RADARreport: “50 Domestic Violence Myths” [for male and female victims]

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