Effects of Abuse: Self-Harm

Link: "Healthy Alternatives to Self-Injury" by Christie Stewart
Link: “Healthy Alternatives to Self-Injury” by Christie Stewart

Rape Crisis Scotland describes self-harm as follows:

“Self-harm is a form of coping. Survivors of sexual [or any type of] violence sometimes self-harm. There are many different reasons for this including: to express emotional pain, to block out painful thoughts, to become ‘grounded’ in the here and now, to punish themselves or others, to prompt self-care, to communicate with other, and to get the support and care they need. Self-harm can take many forms including: cutting, scratching, burning, over-dosing on alcohol or drugs, over- or under-eating, overworking or over-exercising, and neglecting emotional or physical well-being.”


Don’t face the battle against self injury alone. For information and support, visit http://www.lifesigns.org.uk/.


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