It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life

For those of you who have never suffered with an eating disorder, I can completely appreciate how difficult it must be for you to know what to say and do. So I forgive a lot of well-intended comments that actually are quite harmful. But occassionally people will ask me what they should say to someone they know who is struggling with an eating disorder, so if I had to simplify it all down to one thing, this would be it…

Don’t focus on weight or food. Don’t tell us we are thin or that we look good. Don’t encopen arms-freedomourage us to eat or not eat or even ask us about our eating. Don’t talk about how our clothes fit or what number is on the scale.

Simply tell us you love us. Reassure us you will love us whether we are heavy or skinny or anything in between. Promise us that you will love us whether we get…

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