The Intersection Between Gosnell and Steubenville

Link to Ann Voskamp's blog post "What Gosnell and the Gospel mean to the Brave"
Link to Ann Voskamp’s blog post “What Gosnell and the Gospel mean to the Brave”

Abortion isn’t so much about a woman having choice — but a woman feeling like she has no choice.

A girl, who found herself on a lonely night looking for love in the wrong places, looking into the eyes of a guy who poured her a drink and some flattery and went taking what wasn’t his to have…She found herself pregnant. He found a number to a clinic.

Our voice about women’s abortions lacks authenticity unless we speak of male promiscuity.

Male promiscuity is about power and pleasure and no presence.

Male promiscuity is about sensuality and fertility and no responsibility.

Male promiscuity is about cultural instability.

So that guy she never knew told her all he knew was where to find a clinic and all he was ever going to give her was a number to erase one night.

We all get to decide that — between erasing sin and embracing grace. One’s impossible — and the other makes everything possible.

When we’re all about the best looking good instead of the broken living grace, some don’t think they can take the shame. Some take an appointment. We can shame a woman for getting pregnant and we can shame her for aborting that baby but it’s shame for sin that bullies into further sin and what if instead of shaming, we weren’t ashamed of the Gospel of extravagant Grace?

Grace isn’t ever a paltry thing — Grace is always the very power of God. Grace never negates obedience. Grace always initiates obedience.

The abortion debate draws women and children as unexpected enemies; the Gospel defends both as unexpectedly vulnerable.

The abortion debate offers that a woman is ultimately responsible alone for her child; the Gospel offers that no woman is ever alone and the Body of Christ is response-able to both woman and child.

The abortion debate is not so much about how we can somehow change the law, but right now change how we love. To have credibility in lobbying for laws against the abortion of babies, we must have the dependability of opening our doors for the welcoming of children.”


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