The Zoe Challenge


One of January’s resource highlights was Hope for Justice – an anti-human trafficking, non-profit organization centered in Manchester that exists to rescue and support victims of trafficking and end slavery in the UK.

“Hope for Justice rescued Zoe from devastating sexual exploitation but there’s still so much to do, so many other ‘Zoes’ to reach.” Ben Cooley, CEO Hope for Justice

The Zoe Challenge is a unique fundraiser which was birthed from the desire to support victims of human trafficking. Tom Lister, Ben Cooley, James Altham, and Gavin Murray are the faces of Team Zoe. These four men will be cycling 2700 km from Latvia to the UK in just 20 days as a means of raising awareness and gaining funds to assist the mission of Hope for Justice; that is, to see people like Zoe rescued out of slavery. Today (14 May) was the team’s first day on the roads. They left Riga, Latvia this morning and completed 82 miles! Within the next 19 days, the team will cross 6 countries, following the route along which Zoe was taken when she was trafficked into Southampton.

To read more about Zoe and the team, visit

You can donate to the cause here. Thus far, 174 donations have been made and 28% of the target amount has been raised.

You can follow the progress of and send words of encouragement to Team Zoe via Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow Hope for Justice on Instagram to see photos of the team and their route as they make the journey.



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