48 Rape Myths

Link to "List of Rape Myths"
Link to “List of Rape Myths”

Myth: Rape is sex.

Myth: Women incite men to rape.

Myth: There is a “right way” to respond to a rape situation.

Myth: A victim should be discouraged from dwelling on the rape. She should “forget it”.

Myth: Support from family members is essential to the victim’s recovery.

Myth: Rape trauma syndrome is a transient problem. Most healthy people will return to a normal state of functioning within a year.

MYTH: Rape is Sex
MYTH: Rape is Sex

Myth: Rapists are non-white. Rapists are lower class. Rapists are “Criminal types”.

Myth: Men can’t be raped.

Myth: Incest is rare.

Myth: Sexual assaults are rare deviations and affect few people. After all, no one I know has been raped.

Myth: Women often make false reports of rape.

Myth: You can tell a rapist by the way he looks.

Myth: Women fantasize about being raped.

MYTH: Men cannot be raped.
MYTH: Men Cannot be Raped

Myth: Rape is a minor crime affecting only a few women.

Myth: Women frequently cry rape; false reporting of rape is common.

Myth: Most rapes occur on the street, by strangers, or by a few crazy men.

Myth: You cannot be assaulted against your will.

Myth: Women secretly enjoy being raped.

Myth: It is impossible for a husband to sexually assault his wife.

Myth: If a person doesn’t “fight back” she/he wasn’t really raped.

Myth: A person who has really been assaulted will be hysterical.

Myth: Women “ask for it” by their dress or actions.

MYTH: Sexual Assault is an Impulsive Act.
MYTH: Sexual Assault is an Impulsive Act.

To view the full list of rape myths, and the reasons behind why they are false, access the article linked at the top of the post or visit the University of Minnesota’s Sociology of Rape article, ‘List of Rape Myths’.

Click here to view the companion post, “50 Facts about Rape”.

**The images in this post are from the LA Art Show Myths of Rape (2012), by artists Elana Mann and Audrey Chan. Learn more about Myths of Rape here.**


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