‘Don’t Cover It Up’ – Shortlisted for a Future 5 Award

It’s estimated that 65% of women experiencing domestic violence don’t tell anyone about it and keep it hidden.

Don’t cover it up.

This video was first posted here in October 2012. In fact, it was one of the very first posts for Purposefully Scarred! Ten months later, it is still a powerful piece of work from Lauren Luke and the Refuge Don’t Cover It Up campaign. It never ceases to make a deep impression.

The video is being posted here for a second time to celebrate the good news: The Don’t Cover It Up campaign is now shortlisted for a Future 5 Award!

Refuge wanted to encourage women experiencing domestic violence to talk about it. You Tube cosmetics star Lauren Luke was asked to produce one of her typical films with one shocking difference – she pretended to be making herself up to cover facial bruises. The final screen bore the campaign’s slogan – ‘Don’t Cover It Up’ – together with Refuge’s details. Engagement with this film was extraordinary – 1.2m views, 4.4m comments, but most importantly 34,550 people visited refuge.co.uk (double the usual traffic) and 6,000 people contacted the charity to ask for help. The budget? Zero (The Big Idea | Brand Republic).

You can vote for the campaign here. If you are on Twitter, follow @RefugeCharity for updates, as well as great resources for domestic violence survivors. You can also “like” them on Facebook!

Link to Refuge homepage

If you are in the UK and are experiencing domestic violence, call the 24 helpline at 0808 2000 247 (partnership of Refuge and Women’s Aid). For helplines elsewhere in the world, visit the Global Contacts page.


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