Trina’s Story: Military Rape Survivor

Link to CNN "Military Rape Survivor: I was Drugged and Raped, and Didn't Tell Anyone"
Link to CNN “Military Rape Survivor: I was Drugged and Raped, and Didn’t Tell Anyone”

Jake Tapper of CNN writes:

[Trina] McDonald enlisted in the military she was 17. She was on delayed enlistment for one year, leaving a small town in Kentucky to join the Navy. She trained in Florida before heading to a naval station in Alaska.

McDonald was supposed to be in Alaska for 18 months; she was there for two months before she was sexually assaulted for the first time.

“I was drugged and raped,” said McDonald. “I didn’t tell anyone. I was raped multiple times … [over a period] of nine months.”

McDonald said at the time, there was no one she could tell.

“They make it clear to me if I came forward they were going to kill me. They threw me in the Bering Sea at one point and left me for dead. There was nowhere for me to turn, they made it clear if I did come forward, something worse was going to happen to me,” said McDonald.

“There were four people I know of. There’s three assaults that I remember. I came in and out of the assaults, of consciousness. And the other ones that I don’t remember I woke up in my bed, just – I would be in one place and I would wake up, just tucked away in my bed, but having known something had happened to my body,” said McDonald.


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