Coping Strategies of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Link to ASCA: "Coping Into Adulthood"
Link to ASCA: “Coping Into Adulthood”

“The defence mechanisms/coping strategies adopted during childhood often continue to be used in adulthood e.g. the tendency to dissociate often remains with the child as he/she grows into adulthood. Using ‘childhood’ coping strategies impairs the development of more appropriate or adaptive social, cognitive, and emotional coping mechanisms for adult life as well as the sense of self required for the successful negotiation of life difficulties. The trauma of child abuse stalls thought development and behavioural responses and adult survivors often continue to use their childhood avoidant coping strategies. The adult survivor becomes the fighter, the accommodator, the escape artist, the victim, the denier, the over-achiever, and the ‘pleaser’..” (linked above).


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