The Price Tag on Safety

Link to Salon: "Five Ways that 'Staying Safe' Costs Women"
Link to Salon: “Five Ways that ‘Staying Safe’ Costs Women”

“Some women are indeed assaulted by strangers, but almost 75% of rapists are known to their victims.  The habits we teach girls for avoiding rape reinforce misleading and ultimately dangerous ideas about strangers in alleys. If “don’t get raped” lessons were genuinely meant to help people assess risk and avoid assault, we’d teach girls and boys (because yes, boys and men can be victims of sexual violence too).  Instead, these rules reinforce a gender hierarchy dependent on girls being vulnerable and boys being invincible. Teaching girls to constantly modify their behavior in order to avoid stranger rape is a form of social control.  And telling girls and women it’s their responsibility to avoid rape doesn’t stop rape, it just perpetuates rape culture” (Soraya Chemaly).


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