International Day of the Girl, 11 October

Link to Care: "International Day of the Girl 2013"
Link to Care: “International Day of the Girl 2013”

This Friday, 11 October, marks the second celebration of the International Day of the Girl. The focus last year was child marriage. This year’s focus will be on the issue of girls’ education.

UNICEF writes:

There is overwhelming evidence that secondary education in particular can be a powerful transformative force, not just for girls themselves but for entire societies. Girls’ education is the one consistent factor that can positively influence not only the lives of girls , but virtually every desired development outcome: from reducing child and maternal mortality, to ending poverty and achieving equitable growth. The transformative potential of girls’ education has yet to be realized. By investing in girls, we are supporting them as powerful forces for positive global change.

To celebrate and contribute to this year’s Day of the Girl, read and share the stories of innovative education projects and the people they’ve helped. The official global events which will be led by UNICEF are to take place on 11 October in New York City – you can view the event schedule and information here. International ceremonies and events are listed below. You can also access the list via UNICEF here.

For more information and resources related to girls’ education movements worldwide, read Malala Day: Stand for Education.

Link to The Girl Effect


The 2013 IDGC will be celebrated across the globe through live and media events.

BHUTAN Children’s Consultation – Friday, 11 October at Babesa Lower Secondary School, Thimphu
Children will come up with recommendations for the Government to improve the situation of girls’ education, the recommendations will be read out on the Day. A panel discussion will be pre-recorded and aired on national television (BBS) to highlight issues of the girl child and this year’s theme, Innovate to Educate.  The event is being organizedby UNICEF Bhutan, National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC), and the Ministry of Education. More information

Nairobi, Kenya – UNICEF’s East and Southern African Office will host a regional advocacy event that brings together partners to celebrate girls, highlight challenges they continue to face and advocate for what needs to be done to achieve gender equality.  The event will celebrate the global theme of innovation and education and how it can make a difference in the lives of girls. It will also be venue for regional launch of Plan International’s report on Girls in emergencies.

Moldova: “Including Roma Girls in School”
When: 11 October 2013
Where: Nationwide
What: This year on the International Day of the Girl Child in Moldova UNICEF is focusing on the inclusion of Roma girls in school, in order to promote diversity in schools and fight against stigma and discrimination. Journalists, young bloggers and the members of the Network of Child Friendly Journalists will participate in a field trip to document good practices in the field and to create public debates around the issue of Roma girls’ inclusion. A press release and social media activities will focus on featuring successful stories.
Organizer: UNICEF Moldova
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Link to “Combat Child Abuse Before it Starts”

Turkey: “Keep Their Hopes Alive”When: 7-11 October 2013Where: Nationwide What: UNICEF Turkey is organizing a panel discussion on 7 October in collaboration with UNIC and Lions. The panel will focus on girls’ education, and will include panelists from UNFPA, UNICEF, EU Delegation, ICC and the Flying Broom (NGO). The discussions will cover girls’ education in relation to child marriages, innovative approaches, national and international legislation/violence against children. Additionally, in collaboration with the UN Communication group in Turkey and the NGO Flying Broom, UNICEF is opening a social media discussion topic. Followers will be asked to complete the sentence “If a girl child doesn’t go to school_______” (In Turkish, #KızCocuklarOkumazsa ___________.) The campaign will be using the identified global hastag #dayofthegirl and Turkish versions #KızCocuklarOkumazsa #11Ekim for our audience. Organizers: UNICEF Turkey, United Nations Information Center, Lions and Flying Broom (NGO)Related Links:;;

Ghana: Tech Girls become advocates for education
When: 11 October 2013
Where: Nationwide
What: In recognition of the International Day of the Girl Child, UNICEF Ghana released a feature story about Tech Girls, a group of young girl equipped to become young journalists and tell their stories via blogs and digital photography in order to advocate for change in their communities. UNICEF Ghana Country Representative wrote an Op-ed that was submitted to Ghana’s major national newspaper for publication. Members of the Tech Girls will also gather in Tamale, Northern Ghana, on Friday afternoon to take part in the Google Hangout with Executive Director Anthony Lake.
Organizers: UNICEF Ghana
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Sierra Leone: “Do it differently! Promote Quality Education of Girls.”
When: 8-11 October 2013
Where: Freetown, Bombali, Bo, Kenema, Kambia, Tonkolili and Pujehun
What: UNICEF Sierra Leone is organizing community dialogue forums with children and other stakeholders in seven districts on the benefits of educating the girl child. Women in the Media (WIMSAL), a network of local female journalists, will be undertaking various media and advocacy activities including orientation and rights media training for journalists, media discussions using radio and television, and sensitization and mobilization of motor bike riders, mini bus drivers, and market women in all the four regions of the country. Girls in all the regions of the country will produce comedy and drama skits at community level with messages that promote their rights and welfare in their community. All these events will culminate in the main advocacy event on the 11th October, which will include girls making petitions to the President of Sierra Leone and key policy makers and speeches by various development organizations and agencies, including UNICEF.
Organizers: UNICEF Sierra Leone, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and a network of NGOs, civil society and the media under the umbrella of the Sierra Leone Girls Education Network (SLeGEN)
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Link to "European Week of Action for Girls 2013"
Link to “European Week of Action for Girls 2013”

Madagascar: Young Mothers Returning to School
When: 11 October 2013
Where: Sofia region
What: In Madagascar, the focus of the International Day of the Girl Child will be on young mothers who dropped out of school due to pregnancy but received scholarships to return to junior secondary school to continue their schooling. This theme was chosen in order to sensitize communities about the importance of girls’ education, including single mothers. The main event will include speeches by the Mayor, the UNICEF East Africa Regional Directors for Education and Protection, a puppet show on girls’ education and early pregnancy by UNFPA, a personal story from a young mother reintegrated back into school and open exhibitions on on youth services and education of girls.
Organizers: UNICEF Madagascar & UNFPA
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Mozambique: School-based activities to Celebrate the International Day of the Girl
When: 11 October 2013
Where: Maputo Province & Nationwide
What: Three activities will be taking place in all secondary schools throughout the country: (1) debates by and for girls around questions concerning girls’ education; (2) cultural and sports activities (3) participation in radio and TV programmes commemorating the date. The ‘Mainstage’ of the celebrations of the International Day of the Girl Child will take place at a secondary school in Maputo Province, with 1,500 adolescents. Activities will include cultural showcases as well as poetry and speeches by members of the United Nations, Minister of Education, and girls themselves.
Organizers: UNICEF Mozambique, Government of Mozambique (Ministry of Education) UN Gender Joint Team (comprising inter-alia, UNICEF, UNWomen and UNFPA) and civil society organizations (National Child Rights Coalition – ROSC), especially Plan International and Action Aid, Instituto Comercial e Industrial da Matola
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Uganda: Launching the Adolescent Girls Vulnerability Index, and presenting Cutting-edge Innovations for Girls’ Education
When: 11 October 2013
Where: Nationwide
What: UNICEF Uganda has two major events planned for the International Day of the Girl Child. The first is the launch of the Adolescent Girls Index (AGI) for Uganda and East Africa, hosted by the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development. The AGI represents the first global effort to construct an index capturing the vulnerability of adolescent girls. The second is a major innovations event showcasing innovations for girls’ education. These will include EduTrac, Digital School in a Box & My Virtual School, U-report and Information Kiosks & the Uganda Content Portal. There will be a specific U-Report poll dedicated to this event and theme.
Organizers: UNICEF Uganda, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development
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Link to "International Day of the Girl Child"
Link to “International Day of the Girl Child”

Nepal: Engaging Youth to Promote Innovation for Girls’ Education
When: 3-11 October 2013
Where: Nationwide
What: UNICEF Nepal planned a number of activities to support this important day. On 3 October, UNICEF organized a cycle rally together with Plan International. The country office also consulted with adolescent girls and boys from 35 districts to produce “dream trees” in an exercise titled “My dream learning environment.” A booklet on the process and findings of the exercise was published. Additionally, a photo series with poems by adolescent girls all entitled “My Dream learning environment” was produced. The outcomes of the two above activities were displayed in a gallery at the main Day of the Girl event with dignitaries as well some 300 guests.

On October 4th, our main event consisted of a series of round table discussions on innovation for girls’ education. Participants in the discussions included adolescents girls and boys, scholars, the Joint Secretary National Planning Commission, Joint Secretary Ministry of Education and Joint Secretary Ministry of Women,Children and Social welfare, and other stakeholders. At this event, The UNICEF Nepal Country Representative also handed over the “Youth Courage Award for education” to Urmila Chaudhury, which she received from the UN Special Envoy on girls’ education on the Malala Day. Besides different speeches and performances by adolescents, the biggest achievement of this event was the launching of the National Plan of Action on holistic adolescent development. On October 11, UNICEF Nepal will hold events of diya lighting in all 75 districts, falling very well with the first day of Dashain, where every family lights diyo as part of starting the auspicious festival.
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South Asia: Raising Awareness about Innovations for Girls’ Education
When: 7-11 October 2013
Where: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India & Sri Lanka
What: Extensive multimedia and social media plans have been developed by country offices in South Asia, including photo essays, video & text human interest stories featuring innovations for girls’ education, coverage in major local newspapers, key messages around the theme to be broadcast throughout the week on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and
Organizers: UNICEF Afghanistan, UNICEF Bangladesh, UNICEF India & UNICEF Sri Lanka
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Link to "8 Girls Who Dream Big for International Day of the Girl"
Link to “8 Girls Who Dream Big for International Day of the Girl”

Somalia: Google Hangout with Somali Girls Across the Globe
When: 11 October 2013
Where: Mogadishu, Norway & the UK
What: In honor of the International Day of the Girl, UNICEF Somalia is organizing its own Google Hangout between a school in Mogadishu and two other schools, one in the UK and another in Norway. Three Somali girls from each country will sit together to meet one another and exchange ideas, opinions and hopes. The chat will be recorded to be used on websites and other social media. Much like the concept of penpals, this is a way for children of similar ages to connect and learn more about those in other countries, but in this case, they are from the same culture – Somali culture – which is a very strong and quite unique culture, where, due to historical events, there are around 2million living in the diaspora. They will therefore discover some similarities and hopefully be a source of inspiration for each other.
Organizers: UNICEF Somalia, UNICEF United Kingdom National & UNICEF Norway
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Tajikistan: Official Ceremony in Dushanbe to celebrate the Day of the Girl
When: 11 October 2013
Where: Dushanbe City
What: In an official ceremony in the Sport Hall of Dushanbe city, girls, parents and decision makers will speak about the importance of innovations to accelerate progress for girls’ education. Children will also have the opportunity to participate in quizzes and contests in a way to raise awareness about girls’ education, and participants will have the opportunity to write answers to questions & share their ideas on the topic on a canvas with this day’s logo. In addition to the main ceremony, public meetings will be organized by UNICEF partner (NGO “Oshtii Milli”) with communities and PTAs (parents and teacher associations) to discuss issues related to and promote rights of education to education. Information about this day will be widely disseminated amongst the media.
Organizers: UNICEF Tajikistan, NGO “Oshtii Milli”
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