Kriti’s Story: Saving Child Brides

Link to "I've Had Over 50 Death Threats...but I won't Stop Saving Child Brides"
Link to “I’ve Had Over 50 Death Threats…but I won’t Stop Saving Child Brides”

‘Kriti Bharti is a 26-year-old child rights activist in India who has helped annul 150 child marriages, despite numerous death threats. Although child marriage is illegal in India, it is still common, and Kriti says she has met many families who have married their 5-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl in secret, just waiting for them to reach the legal marriageable age to make it official. “I know my life is at risk but I can’t sit back and watch these children suffer,” she says. Kriti made international headlines last year when she helped 18-year-old Laxmi Sargara become the first woman in India to annul her child marriage, which has given courage to other girls to challenge the tradition. Much respect and admiration to a very brave woman’ (Half the Sky Movement).


3 thoughts on “Kriti’s Story: Saving Child Brides

  1. I am so proud of her! I think it’s disgusting that child brides are a “tradition!” What kind of sick man made this to be?! Kids need to grow and learn…not get married and have sex when they are that young. I am glad these awful traditions are being challenged. It takes a brave woman to go about this. Thank you and keep up your amazing work!

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