Refuge Charity: Christmas Gift List

Link to Refuge: "Christmas Gift List Appeal"
Link to Refuge: “Christmas Gift List Appeal”

Speaking of her experience with Refuge after leaving her abusive partner, Sarah says: “When we got here I could finally breathe. I know that sounds silly, but I’d been jumping at my own shadow. It was the first place I’d had with just me and the kids and it was exciting to feel this was the start of how it would be forever…If it hadn’t been for this place I wouldn’t know what real life was.”

Christmas can be a difficult time for women and children living in or recovering from domestic violence. Refuge is “determined to support every single woman and child who needs our help – over the festive period and beyond”. To find out how you can encourage and support women and children this Christmas, read about the Refuge Christmas Appeal or follow the link above to the Christmas Gift List Appeal.

For more on domestic violence during the holiday season, read Domestic Violence Over the Holidays.

For more information on Refuge and their work throughout the UK and Wales, visit the Resource Highlight.


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