Three Survivors in Congo

Link to "Portraits of Three Women in Congo" by Lauren Wolfe
Link to “Portraits of Three Women in Congo” by Lauren Wolfe

Of her time spent in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lauren Wolfe writes:

“Each woman has a lifetime of suffering and recovery and life outside of rape to impart and many of them traveled from far away—up to 48 hours of journeying—to do so.

Most of the survivors of rape I met have no idea where to go for help. They rarely go to the police to report: They usually see zero justice for what was perpetrated against them—so why bother? Either they don’t know the identities of the men who attacked them or the perpetrators are caught and then freed, or even sentenced and serve no time and/or don’t pay damages delineated by a court. There is also the very real issue of community shunning or stigma if word gets out.

[Linked above] are the stories of three women whose experiences are deeply personal, yet part of a larger narrative of the brutality against women in Congo. Each story is accompanied with a photograph of a woman in the way she wished to be shown—whether with her face or not.”

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