Resource Highlight: Fear 2 Freedom

Link to Fear 2 Freedom Homepage
Link to Fear 2 Freedom Homepage

I experienced the incredible work being done by Fear 2 Freedom firsthand last night as students from the university where I work packed 250 care kits for the emergency room and rape crisis center where I volunteer as an ER advocate. The kits were wonderful: filled with toiletries, clothes, and other small gifts for children and adults who have recently been assaulted. In addition, each kit included a stuffed Freedom Bear. It was thrilling to see so many students eager to help people they will likely never meet. Founder and president of F2F, Rosemary Trible, shared the powerful story of her own violent rape at age 25 and the healing process that followed. Her joy was infectious.

Founded in 2011, this young non-profit organization based in the U.S. is already making a significant difference in the lives of sexual and domestic violence survivors through partnership with hospitals, universities, community programs, and other non-profit organizations. The goals of Fear 2 Freedom are to educate, motivate, empower, and restore joy. Fear 2 Freedom also partners with after-care homes for trafficking victims internationally.

Link to video: “Fear 2 Freedom in Action”

Fear 2 Freedom does much of its work through the support of one-time or monthly donations. For those interested in making a donation, every $30 becomes one kit to encourage and provide for the immediate needs of a victim.

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