The Prevalance of Sexual Violence Against Men

Link to "When Men Are Raped"
Link to “When Men Are Raped”

It’s estimated that, in the United States alone, a woman is battered every 15 seconds.

But did you know that a man is battered every 30 seconds?

Roughly every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. will be sexually assaulted. That someone could be female or male.

In the UK, an estimated 24,203 women (aged 16-59) suffered from and reported sexual assault and/or rape in the space of a year.

But, probably to the surprise of many, an estimated 20,692 men were also assaulted or raped that same year.

In conflict, sexual violence is a huge problem – even for men.

It is not – or at least it should not be – news that men and boys are subjected to violence and exploitation. However, men are typically assumed to be the perpetrators, not the victims. Women are raped. Men rape. Such is the stereotypical perception of sexual violence.

Yet nearly as many men are abused as women. And many of them – 46% in some surveys – are abused by women.

Through the incredible efforts of men and women, much is being done to combat the worldwide cultural acceptance of sexual violence. Coalitions and non-profits work tirelessly to bring awareness to the masses, support to the survivors, and education to the court room. Rape myths are being debunked and victim blaming is being denounced. But too often, these efforts fail to recognize the number of men who bear the scars of abuse.

In the words of Hannah Rosin, “By portraying sexual violence against men as aberrant, we prevent justice and compound the shame…the conversation about men doesn’t need to shut down the one about women.”

Link to "Why We Need to Talk About Men Who Are Raped"
Link to “Why We Need to Talk About Men Who Are Raped”

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