Christine Cissy White: “Why Survivors Need Each Other”

Link to “Why Survivors Need Each Other”

Christine Cissy White, a survivor of childhood abuse, shares (linked above):

“Most of us have learned not to drink, abuse, and be violent (yay us!), but the more subtle aspects of self-care and recovery are healthy nurturing, interdependence, making time for love and joy. Those can be mysterious.

What I know is talking to other survivors helps most. We can laugh about missing the “ease” of numbness while knowing the agony of being emotionally blunted isn’t worth the trade off. We can share how strenuous the process feels and is. And we can learn from each other.

…I was reminded, survivors have symptoms. They can linger for a long time. That’s just how it is.

Most days, we are high-functioning warriors building and rebuilding lives and selves. On those days, there is no shortage of people to talk with and relate to.

But on the days we feel tipped over inside by trauma, we need one another, people who get it as though we are sharing the same orange and saying, ‘It’s juicy, tangy, messy, and sweet.’ It’s a sensory, tactile knowing, not theoretical or abstract or requiring a co-pay or short educational asides.

I crave more of this. I have always craved this. I want to be able to say and hear others talking about the important and unglamorous healing of developmental trauma. I want to hear people who document and describe what breaking the cycle actually requires.”

For more stories of and resources for survivors of childhood abuse, visit the Childhood Abuse archive.


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